Exploring radioactivity with a homemade Cloud Chamber

"The most original and wonderful instrument in scientific history" 
Lord Rutherford 


Study radioactivity with a cloud chamber


This web-page is written in order to put the results of my experiments about the cloud chamber on "paper" (well, the electronic version of good old paper). Thanks to my observations, I’m trying to explain the basic principles of radioactivity. So the data on those pages might not be detailed enough (I hope there’s not too much mistakes).

Radioactivity is the by-product of the decay of atomic nucleus and takes the form of ionizing radiations. There are 3 main kinds of radioactive radiations (α, β and γ and a few others including electronic capture) and each kind leaves a specific signature inside the cloud chamber. So, it’s possible to observe and measure different parameters which characterizes the radioactive products (activity, kind of radionuclide, half-life, penetration and energy of the radiations)

Why are those pages in (rough) English ?
Well, radioactivity doesn't give a sh...t about borders so pages about this topic shouldn't be restricted to French viewers, hence
English, the international language.

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